Company news at Becker Marine Systems.


7th August 2017

Becker Flap Rudders Twisted for four Ethylene Carriers

The Norwegian ship owner Solvang ASA recently ordered four 21,000 cbm Ethylene Carriers at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, deliveries are scheduled for the first and second quarters of 2019. The vessels will be equipped with well proven Becker Flap Rudders Twisted which will ensure great manoeuvring performance in sailing as well as in harbour conditions. In combination with the twisted leading edge these rudders will also help to reduce vessels’ emissions to comply with todays and future environmental regulations.

14th July 2017

Newest Odfjell 49k dwt Chemical Tankers with Becker Schilling® TT Rudders

Odfjell SE and Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding have selected Becker Schilling® TT Rudders for a ship series of modern chemical tankers. The vessels with 49,000 dwt are among the largest stainless steel chemical tankers in the world. The Schilling® TT Rudders, all equipped with an optimised rudder bulb, were selected in order to reach the best propulsion efficiency in combination with best manoeuvrability. Additional to a firm order of four tankers for oil products and chemicals there have been signed four options. The first vessel is expected to be delivered in June 2019.

20th June 2017

Becker Rudders for ASENAV Arctic Passenger Vessel

ASENAV Chile has placed an order with Becker Marine Systems to deliver a complete manoeuvring package for the newbuilding of the Arctic Passenger Vessel "Magellan Explorer". The 100-passenger vessel has a length of 90.7 m, breadth of 16.2 m and a draft of 4.3 m, classified with Polar Class PC6. Becker has offered a package solution for the twin screw vessel including a complete RAM type steering gear package from Canadian JASTRAM Engineering Vancouver. The ordered twin Becker Rudder system is of full spade design with an enhanced-lift hollow/mixed profile and will have a size of 4 sqm each.

10th May 2017

Becker Flap Rudder for megayacht newbuilding

Besides being a leading supplier for global commercial shipping Becker Marine Systems once again strengthened their position in the challenging market of manoeuvring systems for megayachts: Dutch shipyard De Vries Makkum has ordered a 5 sqm Becker Flap Rudder with Closed Linkage (Heracles) for a megayacht newbuilding with a length of 110.0 m.

11th April 2017

Specialised Becker Flap Rudders for Russian trawlers

In order to modernise the Russian fishing fleet it has been decided to build new fishing vessels at various shipyards in Russia within the next years. In this process Vyborg shipyard is building four new trawlers of ST-118L ship design – delivered by Skipsteknisk of Norway – for the Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet. The Russian shipyard has placed orders with Becker Marine Systems for the delivery of a new flap rudder setup with a specialised trawler profile. The four heel-supported Becker Flap Rudders (SA-type) ordered by Vyborg will have a rudder area of 15.4 sqm each, offering excellent manoeuvrability in all areas of operations. Becker Marine Systems is proud to have been awarded the order and warmly welcome the promising strengthening of cooperation with Russian shipyards.