Becker Heracles Flap Rudder.


HERACLES stands for High Efficiency Rudder Acting with Closed Linkage providing Enhanced Safety. Its sophisticated design incorporates the benefits of a flap mechanism, which is protected in a hydrodynamically-shaped top section of the rudder blade with an increased flap angle ratio. This provides both high manoeuvrability at high rudder angles as well as smooth steering response and low resistance under steering. Enhanced safety is achieved via a safety device on the flap axis, which prevents both the mechanism from being damaged as well as the rudder being rendered inoperable due to flap blockages and obstruction.

These features make the Heracles rudder the rudder of choice when you demand high efficiency manoeuvring, excellent course keeping, low fuel costs and a long service life. You can rely on our extensive know-how if you ask for a simple solution on a commercial vessel as well as for the most demanding applications for dredgers, ferries, research vessels or for dynamic positioning requirements and ice class up to 1A Super. We supply proven standard designs as well as tailor-made solutions for newbuildings and refits.
  • Closed flap link system filled with grease
  • Optimum protection of link system from ice and sand
  • High durability of link system
  • Progressive flap action ensures superior manoeuvring and steering properties
  • Total flap angle up to 100° at rudder angle 45°
  • Safe & reliable link system with protection device against excessive forces
  • Minimum size of steering gear
  • Easy installation – no adjustment of link system required
  • Optional: neck bearing with spherical shell for low neck bearing tolerance and especially suitable for low noise requirements