Manoeuvring Training.


Our manoeuvring training course teaches your captain how to get the best performance out of Becker’s manoeuvring systems. We illustrate the manoeuvring advantages compared to standard rudders and enable your captain to say farewell to tugs.

The training course consists of emergency manoeuvres, berthing, unberthing, crabbing and docking and is performed in a safe environment in order to increase your captain’s experience without risk to your vessel.

We also offer our manoeuvring training course as a simulation. Various ship types (e.g. twin screw ferries, tankers, container vessels etc.) are already available as digital models. These existing models can be modified to simulate the performance of a Becker Rudder®, based on our CFD calculations. Of course it is also possible to generate a simulated vessel based on your own data. Simulator training offers a remarkable opportunity to compare the performance of different rudders on the same ship under unvarying conditions.

The training course is available for groups, offering great benefit at low cost. Our instructor, Captain Ben Lodemann, is an Elbe pilot with considerable experience on many different types of vessels.

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